RAILS is the result of a student’s project at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL. The idea was to renovate and redesign the former Fulham Broadway Station ticket hall as a ‘urban lobby’ reflecting on a new way of living in the city where one can find a urban, collective space, within a 10 minute-walk from home, just like the London Tube station system was designed for the city.

The inspiration come from the idea of fluidity and movement. In this digital age, we spend a lot of time working, while wireless technology enables us to move around more freely. RAILS match that flexibility with a collection of timeless modules that suit the way we live and work now, whether in contemporary office spaces, hotel lobbies or home living areas. The simple yet ingenious shape of these stackable objects speak to our primitive need to let the human body express itself.


Only imagination can limit the ways in which these modules can be used. Like a giant Lego or Tetris game, the pieces are fluid and adaptable, shaping their environment with a one-off look whatever their composition.

Collectable throughout a lifetime. Endlessly reusable

These pieces are designed to last and to adapt. They are eclectic, artistic and playful.



Experimenting with colour, material, proportion, form and space, RAILS stands out as a functional sculpture composed of a series of complementary elements. Accumulated, the pieces interact to become a unique ensemble. Individually they can be used as a stool, bench, side table, coffee table, desk, platform, seating area or console.



The multi-functionality of these modules brings a sense of joy to a scheme. They can be graphic and ‘standout’ or retreat quietly into a space when needed. Their endless potential configurations introduce a sense of freedom and playfulness. The pieces return aesthetic meaning to the tools and objects that we use every day. 

These functional sculptures are playful, graphic and ergonomic. Each hollow structure is made from plywood and built as a boat hull, resulting in a surprisingly lightweight (less than 10kg), easy-to-handle feel. They can be stacked on top of one another to form a column, multiplied to form a hexagonal, or separated to become a stool, chair, coffee table or side table. The pieces can lie horizontally or vertically or multiplied to create a bench, wall or a landscape or used simply as a striking standalone art piece within a room.


Conceived, designed and refined by Porte in London, the first limited edition is available in a range of colours, while finishes include metal brass, lacquer and wood. The patented modules are available in three sizes at standard seating heights: 450, 550 and 750mm. They can be bought individually or in multiples.


Every piece is handcrafted with care in Italy, by specialists metal and wood artisans who blend traditional techniques and innovative technology. Unlacquered, brass pieces are designed to reveal a gentle patina over time. This first collection is designed for indoor use.