We like to be part of a movement for change bringing our support to people
making the difference.

Renowned French artist Marc-Antoine Goulard collaborated with the studio to create a RAILS one-off piece to benefit the charity Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y), a non-profit organisation which provides professional and social integration to excluded young adults through entrepreneurship.

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London - UK

LP4Y is an international movement specializing in the development of innovative solutions for the professional and social integration of excluded Youth living in extreme poverty. Since 2017, its structure has been guaranteeing the sharing of good practices and the consistency of actions developed.

LP4Y Alliance unites the locally established entities around 3 missions: ADVOCATE

on behalf of excluded Youth living in poverty, ACCOMPANY the most excluded Youth towards professional and social integration through entrepreneurship, ENCOURAGE

all innovative entrepreneurial initiatives that support Youth inclusion.

Each unique RAILS' unit features a ‘GP’ engraved brass disc, acting both as a signature of designer Gwendoline Porte and a reminder of her ‘Giving Pledge’ - a commitment to donate a share of the proceeds from every piece to the EPIC Foundation, which supports high-impact social organisations tackling youth and children issues globally.

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A movement to make giving the norm.

London - UK

The Epic movement gathers all those who share the same vision and the same values: a world where every child has a future.

We live in a world crippled by inequalities. Even before a child is born, their life will either be open to comfort, personal growth and potential, or assigned a predetermined trajectory going nowhere. It should not be this way. It should not be this way.

Together, we can make giving the norm to financially support social change and reduce social inequalities at a global scale.Together, we can make giving the norm to financially support social change and reduce social inequalities at a global scale.