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London - UK

Ranked in the top 2 universities in the world for Art and Design, UAL is located in London and is Europe’s largest specialist art and design university.

The University offers students pre-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in art, design, fashion, media, communication and performing arts.

RAILS exhibition at NOT JUST A SHOP

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French Living Heritage company.

Artisans and owners: Patrick Maury and Chantal Duclert
Paris - France

Finest artisans for over 30 years in restoration and decoration, creators of Toile de Laque ® a lacquered cotton or linen canvas.

Toile de Laque® moulds any surface, wall, decorative panel, furniture… perfectly well and offers a wide range of colours, patterns and faux finishes (smooth, cracked, embossed textures). “Toile de Laque ® is the achievement of our polychromist expertise developed through our experience of restoration and decoration” declared Patrick and Chantal.

RAILS first prototypes.



Cement tiles designed in Paris, handmade in Morocco

Owners: Alexandre Sopoçko and Audrey Rode

Paris - France

Since 2015, Maison Bahya dusts off the traditional cement tiles’ aesthetics by giving the possibility to all of its professional and individual clients to have tailor made cement tiles, made to order and artisanal manufacture. 
In the Moroccan workshop based in Tangier, a handful of craft masters skilfully hand making encaustic tiles and Moroccan tiles, from the customers choice of patterns and colours.

RAILS x BAHYA to create cement tiles.



Virtuous cosmetics.

Owner: Xavier Quattrocchi
Paris - France

Born in Paris in 1877, Cosmydor offers a range of organic-certified creams, balms, serums, cleansers and soaps for your face, lips, hands and body skin - all artisanally made in France using modern botanical and aromatherapy principles.

The brand is pushing sustainability in beauty to new standards with 100% biodegradable products, regional sourcing of packaging, exclusion of plastic containers, and gentle manufacturing processes with no waste of energy or water.

Cosmydor’s exceptional efficiency comes from a unique formulation philosophy: the best active ingredients are carefully selected and concentrated to the maximum - 10 to 25 times more than most existing skincare.

That is what we call virtuous cosmetics: preserving the planet whilst taking the best care of your skin.

RAILS soaps produced by Cosmydor.



3D Visualization, Interior and Set Design, Art Direction

Owner: Nicholas Préaud

Paris - France

Studio specialized in making portraits of products and architecture whether developed or in development.

Their goal is to empower clients with powerful, realistic images of products by providing flexibility and features unachievable with traditional photography. 

RAILS x ni.acki to create an imaginary architecture.


London - UK

Necati Emirzade is a Cypriot classical guitarist with “nice sound projection, many colours and no fear” as said by Sergio Assad, Latin Grammy award winner.

At the age of 16, Necati became one of the youngest undergraduate students accepted at the UNC School of the Arts.

He later went on to receive his Masters Degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, under the instruction of Naxos recording artist Marc Teicholz.

In 2012, Necati formed a guitar duo with Mark Anderson and released their debut album, Sans Paroles, in 2015.

He is currently teaching in London and performs internationally with Mark Anderson as Duo Tandem.

Necati is a true artist with a sens of esthetism for everything. Photography is another of his passion

Necati shot RAILS's packshots and lifestyle pictures.